Wednesday, November 21, 2007


appetizer: Catalan mushrooms with garlic & parsley

Wok-seared sesame green beans

Roasted acorn squash with chile vinaigrette or

Mashed sweet potatoes with pumpkin pie herbs (from Veganomicon)
Chili-cornmeal crusted tofu (from Veganomicon)
Focaccia with cracked pepper and fresh rosemary (from Veganomicon)
Strawberry/peach/raspberry pie with vanilla soy ice cream

This day is sunny and gorgeous, clear. Trees from our back deck glow copper and still green, and the air is fresh. Rosemary's scent permeates the house. Daphne sleeps in a sunpatch, for once not eating the plants. There is much to be grateful for - that I can enjoy the leisure and have the financial ability to enjoy the creation of the above menu is just a part of that. We'll take a walk later, when it's a bit warmer, maybe continue reading Byron's silly and excessive Don Juan.

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